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Coffee Maker with Auto Grinder 自動研磨咖啡機

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電壓: AC 220-240V / 50Hz
功率: 900-1050W
容量: 1.5L
- Drip coffee machine with auto-grinder function
- Innovative unique grinding system,
good for solving the problems of coffee jam and inefficient grinding occurred,
provide fin and fragrant ground coffee,
good for brewing flavorful coffee
- With 24-hour programmable delay timer
- Adjustable coffee amount, coffee strength and thickness of coffee powder
- Coffee temperature between 78-84 degrees Celsius
- With automatic pop-up funnel for convenient operating
- Brushed stainless steel for decoration,
buttons with chrome-plated finish, elegant and high grade design

- 滴漏式咖啡機連自動磨豆器
- 獨特的研磨系統,能有效處理咖啡豆堵塞及研磨效率低的問題
- 預約功能(最多24小時)
- 內置可調校式咖啡豆研磨器,可調節不同粗幼度咖啡粉、咖啡量、及咖啡強度
- 咖啡溫度: 78 - 84 °C
- 彈出式過濾漏斗,方便操作
- 不銹鋼拉絲設計,高貴、優雅